Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves


Hey there! Thanks for visiting our blog! This page was created by the Habitat for Humanity chapter at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Throughout the school year our organization puts on various fundraising and awareness events and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in our local community. We support Habitat’s belief that every person deserves simple, decent and affordable housing, and we work to help eliminate homelessness and poverty worldwide.


Over winter break, a group of WPI Habitat for Humanity members participate in our annual service trip, where we work with the Habitat affiliate in the area to help build a house for a family in need. These build trips allow us to help people in need, and truly open our eyes to the suffering experienced by so many people. We are extremely grateful for the opportunities we have been given, and look forward to helping ensure that every person can one day have a solid roof over their head. This year we will be traveling to Slidell, Louisiana to work on a Habitat House. We hope you enjoy the experiences we share with you here!


One thought on “Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

  1. Wow! I’m excited for this build trip! Last year I went to Phoenix, Arizona with this group and had blast. There is nothing like contributing to building a house for a family, not to mention all the building skills I learn on the way. You can’t beat a trip like this one!


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