Chiana Montesi

Habitat for Humanity has been more than just a club for me, it has been an experience. An experience where I have learned to be selfless, a leader, and give a hand up not a handout. For 3 out of the past 4 years I have traveled down to New Orleans to help Habitat for Humanity Organizations. Not only do I strongly believe in the HFH mission, but I love learning the stories and backgrounds of the people we work with while we are down there. This year I am most excited about being able to continue my saga of working for Habitat and see newer members of this organization grow in front on my eyes. Each time I build with HFH I become more humble, and remember what it truly is to have a home. A home is where my family is, where there is love filled throughout the rooms, and where good food cooks. Home to me is where memories are, and where I feel safe to laugh, cry, and share my thoughts. This year I am more excited than ever to build a home for someone, and allow someone to have their own place where they can grow and make their own definition of what it really means to be home.


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