Sarah Martin Build Trip 2015

Hi everybody! This year was my very first build trip with Habitat and the only way I know how to describe this experience is life changing. Coming into this week I thought that we were simply going to build a house. This week showed me that I was VERY wrong!! Habitat does not just build houses for people, they build homes and bring hope. Habitat is an organization that gives people a hand up out of rough times and also ensures that they will be able to maintain themselves for the future. In the middle of the week, we were fortunate enough to be able to meet the women that would be living the in the houses that we were building. Seeing the excitement in their faces was priceless. You could tell by the way they said “this is going to be my house” with big smiles on their faces that they were filled with renewed hope for their futures. This week helped to foster my love for Habitat and I am now deeply invested in this organization. Habitat has impacted me in a way that nothing else can. It gave me the opportunity to give people not only a house, but a home and a future. I cannot wait to see where this organization takes me!!


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