Paul DePlacido Build Trip 2015

My name is Paul DePlacido, and I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I joined Habitat for Humanity my sophomore year of High School, and I worked on building houses locally. I really enjoyed using my construction knowledge to help out the community. I also have met some of the best people while volunteering with this organization. During my freshman year of college, I was encouraged to look into joining a club on campus. I later found out that Habitat for Humanity was a club, and I immediately joined and wanted to get involved again.

Recently I was accepted and invited to participate in the Build Trip in Louisiana. I am glad I got the chance to help Louisiana especially after Hurricane Katrina. A decade after the destructive event, there was still wreckage and noticeable damage. I was very excited at the opportunity to travel to far away and help the community, and I did so with an unbelievable group of people. I bonded with all of them and I can now call them my friends. I learned so much about the city of New Orleans, Habitat for Humanity, the members of Build Trip group, and construction. Although I have done construction for many years prior, I learned so many more useful construction things, especially local precautions. I had an awesome time doing it and I was surrounded by a great group of people. I would do this trip over and over again if I had the chance, and I will definitely continue to be involved in Habitat for Humanity. I love being able to have a good time and supporting and helping a great cause.


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