Great Start to a Great Year

There are not many things better than starting off the 2015 year with a trip to New Orleans, right? How about a trip to New Orleans where you get to experience the city to its fullest and still do something great for the local community that makes you feel good? Now that sounds just a little bit better. That is exactly what I was able to do on the 2015 Build Trip to New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity.  I was excited to go to the city of New Orleans because I had never been and I have always enjoyed visiting new cities.  However, I never expected to enjoy the trip as much as I did.  Aside from the fact that we helped change the lives of some of the locals, the one thing that I was very pleasantly surprised by were the people who accompanied me on the trip.  I was kind of expecting to come into a group of people who already knew eachother and would not really take notice to me while we were down there. However, these group of people viewed me more as an equal even though they did not know me and included me in a lot of the activities and discussions that took place down there.  I could not have asked for a better group of people to spend my time down there with and I could not have thought of a better way to kick off my year than to spend in New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity.


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